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Mercury Feelings: Bio

Slip Slope to Final Farewell - an explanation of the album

A few have wondered how this album came to be, and so for the sake of those interested I will briefly explain the super condensed history of it (so essentially I'll explain everything and at the same time explain nothing :-)). I'll try not to be too boring :-).

Everything seems to happen in December. At least with the making of this album anyway.

For Christmas of 2002, some friends and I had all drawn names to give gifts at a party we were having. We had actually drawn names a week or so before the party, but for whatever reasons I hadn't managed to get anything until the day of the party.

Now, earlier that year in January, I bought a 4-track tape recorder. Which is basically just a tape recorder that you can record something with, rewind it, record something else, rewind it, record something else, rewind it, and then record something else, rewind it and then when you play it back, all four tracks will play at the same time. So anyway, I used this 4-track recorder to record some songs and by August of that year (2002) I had recorded 10 or so songs using it. I put them together on a CD of sorts and gave them out to a few people.

So then by the time December of that year came, I had come up with a few more ideas for songs but nothing definite. Then, on the night before the party, December 22, I had the idea that for my gift I could just record a song. And so the next day before the party using the mic that was built into my guitar tuner, the 4-track recorder, my acoustic guitar, and a bass I borrowed, I recorded Slip Slope. Just before the party, I took the tape to my friend Brock who, using his CD recorder thingy, put it on a CD.

That set into motion everything else that would follow.

Exactly one year after Slip Slope, I got an 8-track recorder which enabled me to do much more than I previously had. Slip Slope was the culmination of everything I had learned working with the 4-track, and I didn't record anything else until I could "take the next step" which happened when I got the 8-track. In the meantime, I traded my 4-track recorder for a bass guitar.

To get a feel for the 8-track, I needed a song to try, and so in like fashion as the previous year, using the 8-track, Brock’s recording thing, my acoustic guitar and now my own bass guitar, I recorded waters coming through which, at the time, was called "Mercury Feelings".

It then took another year of working with the 8-track until the next step. Again, for a Christmas present in 2004 I decided to give as a gift a CD with 3 songs. Using the music I had recorded for Waters Coming Through the previous year, I recorded a new set of lyrics, the lyrics as they are today.

And then in January of last year (2005) the final piece came together. I bought a keyboard.

And then, exactly three years after I had recorded Slip Slope, I recorded Final Farewell.

It was one long strange trip, but it is what it is.

So to everyone who helped in any and every way, thank you.

And whatever happens, at least I can say I tried.